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        External Cooperation

        For several years now, we have been responsible for maintaining and expanding our contacts with key industry stakeholders. These include the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI), individual National Federations (NFs) and the Commission of the European Union. We work closely with the General Manager to keep an eye on the global interests of all WBFSH members and breeders.

        Together with the FEI, we regularly review and agree the guidelines, schedules and quota systems for the FEI - WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in all three Olympic disciplines. Furthermore, our organisations have initiated a common system for the continuous exchange of data between the FEI and the WBFSH member associations coordinated by WBFSH with the intention of improving the quality of the horse data in the FEI database and on starter and result lists. In return, the breeding associations will receive the international sport results of their horses for their own use. Following the creation of a common council between the FEI and WBFSH we continue to expand our cooperation and develop and exchange ideas.

        From the beginning, the work of the WBFSH has been aligned with the legal requirements of the European Union which governs all regulatory aspects of sport horse breeding in Europe. Our department has therefore remained in close contact with the EU Commission for years. Together with the General Manager we represent the WBFSH and the interests of all sport horse breeders at the European Horse Network, a non-profit network of stakeholders that are acting at a World, European, National or Regional level within the European horse and animal welfare sector.

      • Klaus Miesner

        Klaus Miesner

        My name is Klaus Miesner and I am a member of the management board of the German Equestrian Association (FN) in Warendorf, the umbrella organisation for equestrian sports and horse breeding in Germany, whose executive director of breeding I have been for 30 years. I have enjoyed a very close relationship with the WBFSH and its values and goals ever since its foundation. My professional background helps me navigate the interesting and challenging relations between the various organisations, from equestrian sport, to horse breeding and political institutions that are central to the WBFSH, as well as benefiting the community of all international sport horse breeders. Over the years, mutual trust has enabled us to build an excellent relationship with the FEI and expanded our cooperation into new areas such as continuous data exchange to improve sport and breeding information. I look forward to working with all the other studbooks on this, as well as on the establishment of uniform standards worldwide that are important and ground breaking for international sport horse breeding.

      • Norbert Camp

        Norbert Camp

        Hello, my name is Norbert Camp and I am an active breeder and rider. As an agricultural scientist for an international pharmaceutical company for over 30 years, I have extensive experience in strategic and operational developments on an international level. My long-standing roles of Vice President of the Federal Association of Drug Manufacturers and Vice President of Veterinary Drug Manufacturers in Germany have given me valuable insights into the running of industry associations, on which I was able to draw as chairman of the Trakehner Association and as a member of the supervisory board of the German Equestrian Association (FN). These experiences at national and international level help me to represent the global interests of sport horse breeding in my work as a board member of the WBFSH. It is particularly important to me to mediate between the different interests of all members and to jointly look for solutions for current and future challenges in international sport horse breeding under the umbrella of the WBFSH. We must succeed in harmonizing the changing social expectations with regard to animal welfare and ethical demands with the possibilities of new breeding technologies in a sustainable and transparent manner.

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        In March 2021, as part of her master thesis at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Carolin Kathmann distributed an online survey on foal registration processes. The survey was drafted in cooperation with the WBFSH and its Department of External Cooperation (NF GER), to assess the status quo of foal registration processes within the member societies of WBFSH. The master thesis has been completed and the results were presented to our member studbooks in a webinar held in January 2022.

        The Webinar was moderated by Klaus Miesner (Department of External Cooperation / NF GER), and after the presentation of the results by Carolin Kathmann, studbook representatives had the opportunity for questions and discussions.

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