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        Finance Department

        We look after the budget of the organisation, which is shared every year at our General Assembly to ensure all our members understand how their money is spent in supporting sport horse breeding across the world through our many projects and activities.

        WBFSH HQ
      • Rudi Eerdekens

        Rudi Eerdekens

        I am Rudi Eerdekens from Belgium, and I have been the Chief Financial Officer of the WBFSH for 20 years now. I first joined the department on the invitation of my friend and then Vice-President, Rik van Miert, and it has been a great pleasure to watch the WBFSH develop and grow over the years into the versatile and energetic organisation it is today. My role as Managing Director of the Belgian Warmblood Studbook (BWP) has given me great insight into the unique requirements of managing large organisations of equestrian and breeding enthusiasts. This experience will see me in good stead as we are looking forward to continuing to grow our organisation in leading breeding into the future.

      • Stephan Kelchtermans

        Stephan Kelchtermans

        I am Stephan Kelchtermans, Vice President of the WBFSH. It was a great pleasure to join the Finance Department in 2017. Through my veterinary position with the BWP, I have known Rudi for many years. As a veterinary surgeon who specialises in gynecology and orthopedics, the work of the WBFSH in providing more and more reliable data on breeding and performance, as well as the initiatives of the Science Advisory Group are particularly close to my heart, as they will help us build more credibility and improve equine health and welfare.