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  • 02-02-2024

    International Young Breeders World Championships 2024

  • Inge Madsen
    Inge Madsen

    IYB President

  • The Danish Warmblood Young Breeders are delighted and proud to invite all World Breeding Federation for Sport Horse (WBFSH) member studbooks to enter teams or individuals to participate in the WBFSH International Young Breeders World Championships 2024, which takes place from July 4-6 at Stutteri Ask, on the island of Fyn in central Denmark.

    As in previous offerings, there are four main elements to the competition phases of the Championships. These include multiple choice theory exam (topics include reproduction, health and welfare, nutrition, stable management and sport), assessment of conformation, assessment of athleticism (loose movement and loose jump), and the presentation of a horse in hand. In both of the assessment

    Other element of the Championships include the turnout (grooming, plaiting etc.) of a horse which is completed as a team, and various fun activities which are hosted in tandem with the serious business of the Championships. The opportunity to network and socialise within the competitors is considered a very important aspect of the event with teams historically competing from all over Europe, Great Britain, Canada and America. Coming together from widespread geography with the combined interest of the horse means there is always something to talk about, friendships and a unique network with other young people have the potential to be created.

    The stud provides high class indoor and outdoor facilities and all competitors will be hosted on site for the duration in ‘mobile home’ accommodation. Catering will be provided by ‘Aulbjerghus- Det Fynske Madhus’ providing meals and snacks for all dietary preferences/requirements. With everyone on site together, a great atmosphere is possible. Stutteri Ask is the largest stallion station for Danish Warmblood jumping horses. The stud accommodates showjumpers across all age groups, breeding mares, foals, and many young horses.

    For those studbooks who have not previously been involved but would maybe like to enter even individuals in the Championships there is plenty of information on the WBFSH website or alternatively get in touch directly with the young breeder committee who would be more than happy to guide you https://www.wbfsh.com/iyb/contact

    For full details of the event, please visit: https://www.wbfsh.com/iyb/championships