• New Website Presence on WBFSH
  • 19-04-2022

    We are pleased to announce that our new section on the WBFSH website is now live.

  • Inge Madsen
    Inge Madsen

    President of Young Breeders

  • International Young Breeders (IYB) have been welcomed to the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses website platform. President of IYB, Inge Madsen, is “delighted for the international young breeders to be recognised on the website platform as part of the global breeding community.

    We hope very much that WBFSH member studbooks who perhaps were not as aware of the activities of IYB previously might consider joining IYB and providing programmes in their own countries / studbook regions to encourage and educate the younger generation. Transfer of knowledge and a passion for breeding and the sport from experienced breeders and producers to the next generation of breeders and producers is vital.”