• Webinar on Breeding Values
  • 19-06-2023

    Join us for an interesting webinar on Breeding Values!

  • Morgane Libotte
    Morgane Libotte

    WBFSH Office/Press

  • Tuesday the 4th of July at 18h (CEST) our Department of Scientific Collaboration will host a free webinar on the topic of breeding values.

    What are breeding values?

    They are a studbook’s estimation of the ability of a stallion or a mare to produce successful offspring in dressage, showjumping and eventing, which means they are therefore an important tool in supporting the improvement of sport horse breeding that can offer valuable guidance to breeders.

    How are they calculated? And, why and how can they be useful to me?

    Join us for a free interactive webinar on breeding values, what they are, how they can be used, and how they have evolved.

    About the presenters

    This webinar will be hosted by international speakers from the Selle Français breeding department in France (Benoit Chaigne), from the FN Germany (Teresa Dohm-Warnecke) and also from the Wageningen University of The Netherlands (Bart Ducro).

    It is your chance to ask all the questions you might have and exchange with breeding values specialists.

    Do not wait to secure your spot and sign up now for this webinar!